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The Childrens Hospital at Westmead Hospital Toy Compliance Criteria

Your gifts will make a significant difference to the spirit and morale of children during treatment and recovery – especially during times in need!  But our little patients are at a vulnerable time in their life, and as such we need to make sure the gifts they receive have no chance of compromising their illness. 

For this reason the Hospital has strict toy compliance criteria based on the following:

All product/s must be new
Many patients have trouble fighting infections, and only new product/s can be accepted to ensure the risk of increased infection entering the hospital is reduced

Second-hand and stuffed toys
We cannot accept second-hand toys.   If providing soft toys, they must not be second-hand as these toys are difficult to clean and can easily carry germs and infection.

No dangerous toys or product
Toys and product must be free of sharp protrusions or points that might cause an injury.  Toys/products for very young children and toddlers must also be free of buttons, pins or other small objects.

Australian Toy Standards
All toys must meet the Australian Standard in regard to compliance, testing and certification as detailed by the Australian Toy Association.

Political, controversial, religious or offensive concerns
Toys and products will not be distributed where a political, controversial, religious or offensive nature is deemed present.  No toy guns, weapons or anything of similar nature will be accepted

Handing gifts to children
Many children in Hospital are too sick to have visitors other than family.   To ensure smooth running of the Hospital all our patients receive gifts and to keep ward traffic to a minimum, unfortunately not all donors are able to hand gifts directly to the children at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.  Gifts are accepted at the Volunteer Department, Level 2, with volunteers distributing them at given times of the year.


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